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ESG will make a sustainable change to the real estate industry.”

Today, society and staff are devoting a great deal of attention to the issue of sustainability, and with good reason. Investors, too, are increasingly making investment decisions based on whether companies are following sustainable standards in their decisions and processes.

DEMIRE has taken up the topic and publishes sustainability reports. They contain a review of our activities in the areas of environment, social resposibility and governance (ESG) and define the steps to be taken to develop the topic in the coming years.

For that, DEMIRE received an EPRA Gold Certificate in 2023 [Download pdf].


DEMIRE is in the process of collecting environmental data on its portfolio. The aim is to apply the Sustainability Best Practices Recommendations (sBPR) of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA), as the interest group representing Europe’s listed real estate companies.

In addition, DEMIRE will in future take the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the GRI standards, as a basis.

The first few topics the Company will look at will include energy consumption and carbon emissions from our portfolio and business operations.

The building sector is responsible for a third of Germany’s carbon emissions. This puts a great deal of responsibility on our industry, and on us.”


The corporate culture at DEMIRE is characterised by flat hierarchies and a strong focus on employees.

In order to retain employees and attract qualified new staff members, we offer them a variety of responsible tasks, attractive areas of activity and performance-related pay. Lean decision-making processes and direct, open communication between all levels encourage constructive cooperation in our Company.

We attach a great deal of importance to enabling our employees to develop both professionally and personally. With this goal in mind, we earmark an annual budget for training that employees can use at any time. We also offer young people with high potential the chance to have their degrees financed – another reason we sponsor the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht.

The most important asset of any company is the people who drive progress with their ideas.”


Our Company is committed to complying with the principles set out in the German Corporate Governance Code (GCGC). These principles serve as the benchmark and guide for all employees in everyday management and business life. The Executive Board and Supervisory Board underscore the significance of these principles every year by issuing the Corporate Governance Statement pursuant to Sections 315d and 289f of the German Commercial Code (HGB) and the Declaration of Conformity with the GCGC pursuant to Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG)

DEMIRE’s Code of Conduct sets out how the Company’s employees fulfil their ethical and legal responsibilities as company representatives. At the same time, it sets out the Company’s values, which place particular emphasis on fairness, both among employees and in cooperation with investors, customers and business partners. Newly hired employees joining the Company are familiarised with the Code of Conduct when they take up their position. Subsequent regular training ensures that their knowledge is always kept up-to-date.  The Company is planning to develop a Business Partner Code in the current financial year.

As a company, we enjoy an impeccable reputation. We protect this as well as we can with our governance activities.”