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Head of IR & Corporate Finance

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Creditor relations

We find the right balance between equity and debt capital, which helps us to optimise our cost of capital.”

We make use of international debt capital markets to finance our growth. In the medium term, we are aiming for an investment-grade profile in order to safeguard the supply of debt capital at particularly attractive conditions.



Company Bonds 2019/2024
Rating Agency Rating Outlook Rating
Moody's Caa2 negative Caa3

Standard & Poor’s ratings:

Moody’s ratings:

Standard & Poor’s ratings:

Standard & Poor´s Rating Services assigned a first-time long-term issuer rating to DEMIRE on July 10, 2017.
Long-term Issuer Rating: BB (Outlook: stable) as well as for the intended issue of senior notes: BB+
Rating report S&P [PDF]


Moody’s Ratings:

Moody’s also assigned a first-time long-term issuer rating to DEMIRE on July 10, 2017.
Long-term Issuer Rating: Ba2 (Outlook: stable) as well as for the intended issue of senior notes: Ba2
Rating report Moody’s [PDF]

Older ratings

2019/2024 corporate bond

2019/2024 corporate bond

Name DEMIRE Senior Notes 2019/2024
Issuer DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG
Rating Caa2 (Moody’s)
Stock exchange listing /trading Open market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (Euro MTF)
Applicable law German law
Common code 206185465
Total nominal amount EUR 499 million
Issue price 99.407% of nominal value
Denomination EUR 100,000
Coupon 1.875%
Interest payments On 15 April and 15 October, starting on 15 April 2020
Maturity date 15/10/2024
Yield-to-maturity 2.00%
Distribution Regulation S, excl. registration rights
Repayment Non-call life (with three-month option for early redemption)
Repayment in the event of a change in withholding tax At nominal value, plus accumulated and unpaid interest
Change of control 101% plus accrued and unpaid interest

The net proceeds from the bond will be used for the early refinancing of the bond due to mature in 2022 and a promissory note also due to mature in 2022, as well as for general business purposes.