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DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG successfully places € 270 million rated, senior unsecured bond

  • Successful placement with institutional investors and asset managers on international capital markets
  • Coupon of 2.875% and term of five years (until 2022)
  • Bond ratings from S&P and Moody’s of BB+/Ba2 and company ratings of BB/Ba2
  • Net proceeds to be used for the refinancing of outstanding liabilities of the DEMIRE Group due until 2019
  • First step towards implementation of “DEMIRE 2.0”:
    - Significant improvement in financing costs from 4.1% to 3.2% p.a.
    - Increase in annual cash flow of c. € 9.0 million due to reduced interest and repayment expenses
    - Increase in FFO I (after taxes, before minority interests) of c. € 5.6 million p.a. due to reduced interest expenses
    - Basis for achieving investment grade profile in medium term has been established

Langen, 12. July 2017 – DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG (German Securities Identification Number (WKN A0XFSF / ISIN DE000A0XFSF0) successfully placed a rated, unsecured corporate bond (Senior Notes) with a total nominal amount of € 270,000,000 with institutional investors and asset managers today. The notes have a term of five years (until 2022), a non-call period of two years and an interest rate of 2.875% p.a.
The notes are governed by New York law (144A/Reg S) and are expected to be listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (€o MTF market). The net proceeds from the issue will be used for the partial refinancing of existing liabilities of DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG and certain of its subsidiaries.
The internationally recognized rating agencies Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s rated the notes BB+ and Ba2, respectively. The rating from Standard & Poor’s is thus one level below the investment grade rating. The two rating agencies’ company ratings for DEMIRE are BB and Ba2, respectively, with a stable outlook in each case. The transaction is being supported by Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley as joint global coordinators and joint bookrunners, Ber-enberg as a joint bookrunner, and equinet Bank and IKB Deutsche Industriebank as co-lead managers.
The detailed ratings are available on the Standard & Poor’s website at, on the Moody’s website at and on DEMIRE’s website at

First step towards implementation of “DEMIRE 2.0”
With the successful placement of the corporate bond, DEMIRE has taken the first step to-wards implementing its “DEMIRE 2.0” programme, which was announced during the Annu-al General Meeting in late June 2017, within a very short space of time. DEMIRE is hereby aiming to further optimize its financing mix, reduce its average financing costs and achieve an investment grade rating in the medium term, among other goals. DEMIRE plans to use the net proceeds from the issue of the corporate bond to refinance certain liabilities due up until 2019. The liabilities to be repaid currently bear interest at an average rate of 5.2% and have an annual repayment rate of around 1.3%. As a result of the refinancing, DEMIRE expects its annual cash flow to increase by approximately € 9.0 million p.a. due to lower interest and re-payment expenses. After liabilities secured with land charges have been repaid, real estate assets of approximately € 216 million will be unsecured and free, corresponding to approxi-mately 22% of the DEMIRE Group’s total real estate assets. DEMIRE plans to gradually fur-ther increase the share of real estate assets that are unsecured.
Once the refinancing of existing liabilities is completed, average financing costs will also decrease from 4.1% to 3.2% p.a. The interest expenses saved result in a significant annual increase in funds from operations (FFO I, after taxes, before minority interests) of approx-imately € 5.6 million.

Ralf Kind, CFO of the DEMIRE Group, comments: “The early refinancing of our financial liabilities due up until 2019 with the rated, unsecured corporate bond is a strategic milestone on our path to an investment grade rating. We can now repay a substantial portion of the ex-pensive and complex financing of the past and have successfully positioned our company on the international capital market. This is a key prerequisite for our growth strategy. In addition, we are increasing our FFO and cash flow due to a considerably lower interest rate and as a result of saving on repayments on the loans to be refinanced.”
Markus Drews, CEO of the DEMIRE Group, adds: “The successful placement of the cor-porate bond within a very short space of time confirms our targets and the sustainable im-plementation of our strategic programme “DEMIRE 2.0”. The very positive ratings underscore the strong appeal and stability of our business model, which we intend to expand further to more than € 2 billion with an attractive commercial property portfolio in secondary locations in Germany. Combined with the future measures under DEMIRE 2.0, this will further enhance the appeal and raise the profile of our share.”

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