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23 August, 2012MAGNAT achieves Group net income of EUR 12.9 million in financial year 2011/12 – Results largely impacted by a change in accounting

06 June, 2012MAGNAT Real Estate AG with significant impairments of the portfolio in financial year 2011/2012

19 March, 2012MAGNAT Real Estate AG decided shares will remain listed on the General Standard

06 March, 2012MAGNAT Real Estate AG files application to revoke listing in the General Standard and plans to join the Entry Standard

30 January, 2012MAGNAT acquires the assets of the co-investor R-QUADRAT Capital Beta GmbH – terminates business relationship with RQCB

14 December, 2011MAGNAT concludes Schwarzenberg project

29 November, 2011MAGNAT sells residential portfolio in Germany and reports figures for first half of 2011/2012

09 June, 2011Revaluation of real estate portfolio and solution of tax problem in Turkey portfolio affect 2010/2011 financial result for the year

25 February, 2011R-QUADRAT Capital Alpha GmbH and R-QUADRAT Capital Beta GmbH report the initiation of restructuring proceedings

10 December, 2010Dr. Marc-Milo Lube is the new member of MAGNAT’s Board of Directors

25 October, 2010Changes in MAGNAT Real Estate AG’s Management Board

14 September, 2010MAGNAT reports on a tax demand received by a turkish project company

03 May, 2010MAGNAT expects a negative return on investment from the portfolio review for the 2009/2010

10 December, 2009MAGNAT expands Supervisory Board to six members

23 November, 2009Capital increase against contribution in kind filed in the commercial register

08 September, 2009MAGNAT adopts internalisation of asset management and conversion to a joint stock corporation

21 July, 2009MAGNAT successfully concludes legal restructuring of Ukrainian investments: Koncha Zaspa and Alexander Land

19 May, 2009MAGNAT sells the Russian Sadko investment and in doing so reduces its commitment in Russia

11 February, 2009MAGNAT is making adjustments to the balance sheet values of two Ukrainian investments

13 January, 2009MAGNAT executive management convenes extraordinary general meeting

01 October, 2008MAGNAT adopts a reversal of Investment Chmelnitzkij

15 February, 2008Ad hoc News: Jürgen Faè new CFO of MAGNAT

30 November, 2007Ad hoc News: MAGNAT profit (consolidated/IFRS) for the six months ended Sept. 30, 2007 increases to EUR 2.57 million.

30 October, 2007Ad hoc News: Segmentwechsel von MAGNAT Real Estate in den geregelten Markt (General Standard) [German PDF]


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