Corporate Governance

Corporate governance serves as a general term for the entire system of managing and supervising a company, including the company’s organisation, commercial principles and its internal and external control.

DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate places a high importance on corporate governance. The Executive Board and Supervisory Board work together for the good of the company, and by practising good corporate governance they ensure the responsible management and control of the company that is oriented towards adding value.

The corporate governance principles form a fundamental guideline for responsible management aimed at corporate success. We place an equally high value on transparency in both our corporate management and communication. This is why you will see us reporting regularly on the current state of the company as well as on any changes in our business.

Our main forms of communication are our quarterly and annual reports, press releases and events with financial analysts in both Germany and abroad. You can take a look at our regular reporting dates well in advance by checking our financial calendar. Apart from our periodic announcements, we also publish ad-hoc announcements concerning events that could significantly influence our share price.


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Corporate Governance / Compliance
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