Corporate bond 2014/2019
NameDEMIRE BOND 2014/2019
IssuerDEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG
Type of securityBearer bond
VolumeEUR 100,000,000
Interest rate (coupon)7.5 %
Interest paymentshalf March 16 and September
Early repaymentNovember 21, 2017
Redemption rate104 %
DenominationEUR 1,000
Paying AgentBankhaus Gebr. Martin Aktiengesellschaft, Göppingen
Market segmentFrankfurt Stock Exchange

Use of proceeds from the 2014/2019 corporate bond
In accordance with Section 1 of the terms and conditions of the 2014/2019 corporate bond, the Company is obliged to report in its annual and half-year reports on the use of the funds raised from the 2014/2019 corporate bond issue. In the abbreviated 2014 financial year, the funds were mainly used for the acquisition of a large commercial real estate portfolio in September 2014 that consisted of 107 properties with roughly 290,000 m² of rentable space located in the cities of Cologne, Leverkusen, Meckenheim, Wismar, Wuppertal and Schwerin. Thus, the funds were used in accordance with the purposes defined in the bonds terms and conditions, that is, to finance new acquisitions.

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